Q: When I lie down in my corset, I get tremendous lower back pain just where the spine is connected to the pelvis. This goes away soon after I get up. I have not been able to establish what bending or angle of the spine is causing this. Loosening the corset hasn't helped either. I also tried a little cushion in various positions but this didn't help either. I need advice please, as I really want to sleep and laze around in my corset. --- Bernt (8/26/02)

A: This is an issue that affects males more than female wearers. It has to do with the lordosis or natural pelvic angle. In the male there is relatively little angle. When lying down on the back, the spine will curve outward and place significant strain on the back muscles and the corset, which is designed to bend inward at the small of the back. A corset designed for a female torso will have considerably more inward curve, limiting this effect somewhat.  The back muscles will attempt to correct the strain, causing pain and fatigue. A pillow in the arch of the back is helpful, but a stronger busk helps as well, as it reduces the outward (downward) arch when lying on the back.

It is also important to learn to relax in the corset and not fight it, as this strains the muscles as well. Maintaining an inward arch while lacing in is also helpful to maintaining proper posture in the corset and consequently reducing sensitivity when lying down.


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