Q:  I have only been corseting for a couple of months, but have lately been  experiencing slight pain/tension in the deltoid muscles, shoulder sockets, and trapezeus area, and frequent popping in the shoulders and shoulder blades.  The only change in my routine has been corseting.  Could I possibly be overextending the shoulder area due to decreased flexibility in the torso (reaching a little for far for that pencil I dropped), or do you think it could be some other reason?  --- Rheesa (1/31/03)

A: You have part of the answer: As the corset is worn tighter, you need to adjust your movements so that they are not strained. This will take adaptation and adjustment of certain types of movements that you have been accustomed to for years.

In addition, the trouble you describe is possibly the result of unnatural muscle tension that builds as a result of incorrect fit or lacing of the corset on the body. The corset may be fine, but it is likely too tight at the top edge, causing the lower edge of the deltoid muscles to get pinched, especially when they are used, which expands the muscle and aggravates the pinching. I suggest relaxing the lacing towards the top of the corset, creating a slight V in the lacing pattern in back, with the point at the waist, and the opening of the V on the top. Do not overdo that, because if taken too far it may twist the corset stays in back causing discomfort.  [BEST BUY A NEW CORSET TO FIT YOUR BODY PROPERLY! (Ed)]

In general, a corset's tightness should gradually increase from the top edge towards the waist, and the same from the bottom edge up to the waist. It should never pinch at the top or bottom edges. A sharp edge with tension may cause problems. Distributed pressure, even of significant magnitude, does not.


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