Q:  What is the risk of prolapsed uterus with corsetting? --- (anonymous) (2/18/03)

A: The prolapsed uterus is primarily the result of a weakened abdominal and pelvic muscle structure, allowing the uterus to fall forward. This weakening can be the result of multiple pregnancies and improper retraining of these muscle groups. Once this condition is present, high abdominal pressure from tight corseting can aggravate the situation.  Corseting the average body does not cause this problem, however. The key is to properly maintain the muscle structures of the abdomen and pelvic floor with preventive periodic exercise. Note that non-corset wearing women have this issue today as well. Again, tight corseting by itself will not cause this condition. For women at risk after delivery, post partem girdles or corsets are highly
recommended and effective in restoring proper position of the uterus and the intestines.

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