Q: As I am in my thirties, pre-op transsexual, and I absolutely love tight-lacing.  I have been lacing seriously now for coming up to a year.  The query on uterine supports has prompted me to ask a related question:  When I go for gender-reassignment surgery, do you have any advice as to how I might continue my lacing? (I am thinking that there may be a danger of the created vagina being compressed, causing a collapse or some other kind of problem). Post operatively, the usual practice for TS patients is to dilate the vagina anyway, with a kind of 'dildo,' I think. Perhaps this would prevent the problem I am envisaging?   Chloe -- (5/5/03)

A: My response to the uterine support question is applicable here as well. Aside from observing the appropriate healing period after surgery, the effect of corset wear in this regard is minimal. Primary is proper maintenance of the musculature, and second practicing forms of tight-lacing that do not produce excessive bulging below the waist due to inadequate support: these will avoid stressing ligaments and muscle layers. Inserting any device into the lower body orifices is not advised in my opinion, as that carries risks with it.  Once devices are inserted, the surrounding tissues lose some degree of mobility, thus exposing them to more interference with other internal structures. This may be stimulating, but certainly does not prevent a sagging of the pelvic floor and subsequent potential for inversions. Proper training of the pelvic and abdominal muscle groups is the best remedy and preventative.



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