Q: Would it advisable to wear a corset after gastralbypass surgery? --  'Agilysee' (1/9/04)

A: After surgery there is time needed for proper healing. Purposely-designed corsets or abdominal supports can be of great value after surgery or delivery. They are available with a prescription.

In the case of gastric bypass surgery, I would recommend against any traditional corseting during the healing and retraining period. Muscle layers should be allowed time for repair and retraining, such that muscle tone is restored before commencing corseting. It could very well be 4-6 months before this is the case.  I would certainly discuss plans to wear an abdominal or lumbar support with your physician so that you can get advice as to when your body is ready for this.  It is primarily a question of your body to be ready to tolerate increased IAP (intra abdominal pressure) that is associated with tightlacing.


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