Q1: I had a liver transplant three years ago and am in good health now.  I see a specialist every few months for routine checkups & have blood work done.  I  would be interested in trying a corset.  What is your opinion?
--  Mary (2/13/04)

A1: With all (abdominal) surgeries, there is possibility for formation of connective tissues that limit mobility of the internal organs. This should be a consideration.  In this particular case, your physician should be able to tell you if there is concern regarding tight clothing, although I would consider tight jeans more of an issue than a custom fitted corset. I certainly would refrain from traditional waist training.


Q2: Recently, I had a kidney removed and I still have  some pain and wondered how  a corset could help, as most of the pain is in  movement.  --  anonymous (3/4/06)

A2: When experiencing post surgery discomfort, you and your physician need to first determine if the healing process is commencing properly. Any surgery requires healing time, especially when active muscle tissues are involved, such as from this type of surgery. I would suggest discussing the use of a surgical support with your physician first. They can bring great relief, but again, the specific case must be considered first, such as the location and size of the incision made.

A distinction should be made between a fashionable corset and a surgical support. The latter is designed to provide even compression without intent to reshape. Overall, the compression maybe comparable to that of a moderately laced fashionable corset, but especially for abdominal support, the surgical corset may resemble a heavy girdle, rather than a more rigid corset.


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