Q: I have a protruding xiphoid process and was told is it mild enough to benefit from a brace. I don't have true PE (no medical problems).  Can you help me figure out how to order the proper corset for this?--  Jessica (5/30/04)

A: Depending on the extend of the prominence of your xiphoid, I would suggest an over-the-bust corset, as this style would support more of the ribcage and help contain the protrusion better than an under-the-bust corset, which may well have its upper edge rub the protrusion. As far as your intend to figure train: the existing guidelines apply here as usual. Go slow, and if it is uncomfortable, relax the lacings. In your specific case I would add to be careful when starting the corseting to allow yourself to get comfortable with the constriction, as there is a possibility of pressure spot forming at the xiphoid.  Be sure to wear a shirt is worn under the corset to make sure the skin does not get chaffed in the pressure areas. Use additional padding if pressure spots form and make sure to maintain the skin.


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