Q: I had a tummy tuck and the doctor just told me that I can switch from the post op binder to some other support garment.  Is there any reason that I should not wear a corset?  This is quite a big issue on my tummy tuck message
> boards.  At lot of women wear Flexess which can be purchased at  J.C. Penny's, but I think that a corset would not only be more attractive, but more  effective. --  Stephanie (6/21/04)

A: The "corset" that is used after a Tummy Tuck or similar procedure is intended to keep the skin under light pressure and adhering to the underlying structure. These have no stays in them to ensure a smooth alignment with the body. A traditional laced corset with stays will create much higher pressure in the midsection and less on the lower abdomen. Hence, these are different devices for different purposes. My recommendation is to allow to skin to heal properly and wear the elastic garment for the recommended period until your physician is satisfied with your progress. You will need then to decide for yourself if the skin is no longer overly sensitive and return to a traditional corset for further enhancement of your shape.


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