Q: I'm waist training and have a toned, physically fit body as well.  I'm 5'1, 115, naturally 35-26-35, comfortable at 22" corsetted. By pushing my organs upwards, will tightlacing  cause my upper ribcage (chest cavity) to expand?  My upper cavity is  already large and I don't want it to  get any bigger! --  Megan (10/12/04)

A: The upper ribcage is formed by the ribs that are attached to the sternum and, although over time with very tightlacing (more than 6") they can expand, this is less likely on a matured body. However, the expansion is mainly the result of upper chest breathing and this is real if the waist and abdomen are laced very tightly, as all breathing will now be well above the waist. The corset model will affect this significantly. In your case where you have a toned body you could opt for minimal reduction below the waist and more restriction of the lower ribcage, meaning measure this while exhaling and a
relaxed ribcage. 


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