Q: Ten years ago I was in a car accident  and I cracked a rib and damaged some of the muscles running along one of my lower ribs.  I frequently experience pain in that region (the muscles along the lowest rib on my right side from
> the spine to the abs) and when discussing it with a doctor, it was suggested that I  should use ace bandages and/or some sort of back brace to help support the  muscles.  I'm sure you can imagine  how frustrating and ineffective ace bandages can be.  I have concluded that something like a corset would be far more effective and much prettier than a back brace of the  sort that I have found.  I am also a  woman and I think a little flattening of the tummy and streamlining of the  figure might be a nice added bonus.  -- Terra (9/20/05)

A: It is possible that the ribfracture was not properly supported during the healing process and a jagged joint was formed, which in turn interrupted the smooth muscle attachment between the ribs. Ace bandages have limited value in such a case, and a rib belt would have been more effective in my opinion, but only in the days directly after! This much
after the fact, these are no longer relevant options. The next option is to support your ribcage with something firmer, also to reduce lower rib movement. As you suggest a lace up corset is certainly a good option to explore and more
effective and flattering than an elastic bandage.


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