Q: I have  a herniated disc and I  am looking for a good lower back support medical  corset.  However, all the
corsets  and back supports I have found online are the new Velcro-closure type  supports.  Does anyone make  medical back supports that look like corsets anymore? I have seen some vintage  medical corsets that are lace up and I'd
like something more like that because  I love corsets, and I like the look of the medical corsets instead of those  horribly ugly Velcro things.  I  haven't  had much luck, so I'm hoping you can point me in the right  direction.

--- Laura  (10/06)

A: The corset style you may be looking for can be found by searching the Web for "camp corset". Also, contacting one of the custom makers (many orthotics specialists work with them) will be a good option. A long hipped style would be recommended, as this will provide the most support and stability to the spine.


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