Q: I had a c section (actually 3 of them); would this make a difference in how I would measure for my corset or whether I should tightlace at all?
          ---Denny (7/25/07)

 A: In the case of a c-section and especially repeated ones, it is imperative to rebuild the muscle structure with gradual repeated (daily) exercises. The adipose tissue and skin may remain unstructured however. In such a case, a girdle or corset can bring relief.

Specifically, a long front apron corset should be used to fully support the abdomen. It is important to measure the lower apron such that the busk and the areas next to it, curve slightly inward at the bottom, which will require an experienced corset maker. Many corsets flare out at the bottom in front, which is due to a lack of contouring. A good corset maker, such as C&S, can address this. Thus, measure the waist, a few inches below the waist and the lowest point where you want the corset to end, such that it provides the support and containment needed.


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