Q: At 60 years of age, I am working to lose weight, both by food management and exercise. The biggest concern I have is the accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity surrounding my internal organs, and, what health effects might occur due to constriction from the corset. My goal is to develop an hourglass shape over the next 12 to 24 months...  Current health concerns include: Type 2 diabetes, slightly elevated blood pressure (135-140 over 78-85), edema in my legs, and DVT concerns (had one in 1991 and one in the current year (a month ago resulting in a pulmonary embolism).

What things do I need to take into consideration while working to achieve my goal of a moderate hourglass shape? ---Dennis (10/20/08)

A: Corseting in itself does not cause or alleviate diabetes, not does it cause long term high blood pressure. However, from the issues you are having, before commencing, look to a training program is to improve your circulatory health. Typically frequent and daily low impact exercise is essential to make improvements.

Given your conditions, I would suggest to refrain from anything other than modest reductions, and if so, make sure it is consistent and devoid of any extreme lacing events. The support provided by the corset may encourage mild exercise, but again pace yourself to match your condition.


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