Q: I love to go to the amusement park and ride all the intense roller coaster rides, and the more intense, the better. I've planned to start corsetting, and will eventually tightlace, but I haven't bought a corset yet. So I want to know the good and bad effects corsetting would have if I ride the most 
intense rides with one tightly laced? Or should I avoid wearing corsets, since I won't give up riding roller coasters? --- Wilhelmina (11/9/00).

A: At a minimum, a corset will stabilize the internal organs, so by itself the roller coaster activity is not at odds with corseting.

A downside of a very tight corset would be the implied rigidity of the torso. In some rides you may want to have the option to bend with the ride, but this is something you will have to judge for yourself.

One concern I would have is vertical impact loading, which without a corset allows the spine to buckle and keep the shock away from the head. A (long) corset will prevent the spine from doing this, and if the ride is violently bouncing you up and down on your bum, it could result in a headache, at a minimum.

I would suggest you explore the rides unlaced before committing to one wearing a corset. After that, I would start lightly laced at first, to determine how tolerable matters are.


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