Q: I've recently had a gastric band operation and I'm wondering if it's possible to wear corsets. I don't intend to tightlace, and would only wear one for a couple of hours at a time. I've tried looking online and all I get are people saying "who needs a gastric band when you can wear a corset?" If it was that simple I wouldn't be sat here with 5 huge bruises on my abdomen! The port is located to the left, below the ribcage, with nothing located on my waistline.   
--- Helen  (4/13/10)

A:  The healing process must be complete before applying any restriction.  If a corset is used, it must be a wrinkle free smooth fitting, i.e. custom fitted and properly boned. The gastric banding tends to be located near the top of the stomach, under the diaphragm, and thus well covered by the ribcage. A wrinkling corset (soft boning) could however interfere with the port. I would suggest to discuss use of support garments in general with your physician and also to verify that the skin surrounding the port is free of irritation.  A boned corset tends to place less localized pressure on any area than elastic garments, which can bunch-up and cause local pinching and thus are less preferable for shaping and or support.


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