Q: Is the sexual excitement apparently experienced by so many corset wearers limited to those in the B/M fetish area or is it an automatic result of corseting?  I do not wish to venture into the fetishes associated with corsets, and try to avoid emotional responses of that kind while single.
--- Kathleen  (4/13/10)

A:  Sexual arousal from corseting is a function of degree and intent. Several forms of tight or restrictive clothing can provide different levels of arousal (girdles, jeans, belts etc.).  Getting accustomed to daily corseting will allow one to go about daily tasks and duties without undue arousal. Extreme lacing is likely to induce arousal. Extreme is lacing that is taken to a level that is just bearable. Most individuals who wear corsets during their daily routine are not in a constant state of arousal. They do find comfort and experience it as pleasant however, which, although positive, is not the same.


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