Q: I have had a big stomach since my teens (it runs in the family) and I started to wear a girdle to church and on other special occasions after my aunt had bought herself a new one which was too tight.  She joked that it would probably fit me and she said that, as I had the family pot belly, I really needed it anyway, (apparently my uncle had worn a panty girdle for years). So I tried it on and was amazed that I could still breath ok and was delighted with the flat stomach I had acquired.

I have worn one regularly since (for about 30 years) on special and not so special occasions. I prefer a good firm panty girdle with a good tummy panel, but I have often wondered if it is doing me any long term harm?

My testicles have never been uncomfortable; I like the supported feeling and, although I have a smallish penis, it does not seem to have suffered in anyway.

Do you know if I should not wear a panty on a more regular basis, as I and now approaching 50 and, although I eat sensibly, the belly is more flabby than it used to be? I am wearing the girdle much more regularly and would like to use it to replace regular underpants. Do you know any medical reasons why I cannot wear one daily? --- Rob (12/9/00).

A: The girdle, tight or not, by itself poses no risk in any way. It can provide some limited support to the abdominal wall. There is, however, the issue for the male of compression of the genitals, and compromised circulation as a result. 

A general consideration: For proper functioning of the testicles, they operate at a slightly lower temperature than the body, which is why they are suspended outside the body cavity. By pressing them closely to the body, they will warm to a higher temperature, which reduces sperm quality.

On your situation: There are male girdles specifically designed to address this issue. I would recommend these in your case, as you receive comfort from wearing them.  For more information on male girdles and girdle-wearing you should visit the archives of the Girdles and More Website at


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