Q: Till now I was a light to moderate lacer, but last weekend, upon my request I got laced quite tight for a special occasion. Actually, it turned out to be just a little bit too tight over time. I got short of breath twice while dancing. It felt as if I would faint any minute. This was quite a interesting, and an exciting experiment for me and my partner. Since then, I enjoy to be laced much tighter as before. It is not a question of having the smallest waist in the world, it is just the feeling of how my body is being held, and the admiration I receive about my appearance.

My question: Once in a while, for two or three hours at a time, I would like to allow my partner to lace me to the absolute maximum possible, including the total control. I know that I will be absolutely short of breath, and I assume that it will not be avoidable to faint. This is something with which I would like to experiment , I guess. Is there a health risk of being tight-laced like this for a short time of period if it is done in a few steps, and will fainting under such circumstances affect my health, other then possible injuries from falling, and what effect would a additional decorative laced neck corset have?

Also, I read that the body will produce toxins during corset-training and one you should drink at least an 8 ounce glasses of water each day. Is this because the unusual compression of the body is mobilizing all the toxins which were deposited over the years? Does that mean that the constant wearing of a corset would support the metabolism?

A: Many of us who are using corsets and used to them are are making the mistake of getting laced too tightly for "a special occasion."  Of course, if you feel close to fainting, it clearly indicates that you have passed the limit of your body's tolerance. It is a warning signal of danger. Certainly, if you are in a S/M situation, it will create a mental pleasure, but take care! And particularly being 'crush-laced', even if done step-wise, is not recommended. I also seriously warn you against the use of a neck corset for close-to-strangulation games. Wearing a nicely decorated, slightly laced stiff corset to lift, and elongate and immobilize the neck might be OK, but I have to remind you that the tolerance limit is small.

There is no scientific information that the body produces toxins during corset-training, but it is always good for you to drink a lot of water instead of eating too much. Constant wearing of a corset has no effect on metabolism. It will make the best out of your figure and support your back; that's all--and that's not bad!


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