Q: At 50, I'm finally free to pursue my interest in waist training/corsetry. I enjoyed confining my waist as a college student, but had no easy access to the information available today. After marriage, my husband discouraged it. I'm ready to begin now to return to this life-long interest. My only concern is that last March I was diagnosed with diabetes. It's easily controlled so far with diet and exercise and I've lost about 40 lbs. I have some more to lose and I'm aware that I'll probably move through many professionally fitted corsets as I shrink... I am approaching this sensibly and I'm concerned about any problems that might arise because of the diabetes. The first that springs to mind is circulaton problems? I caught this very early, before any complications, and I'm keeping it very closely controlled, is it possible for me to proceed with corseting? --- "Elfmuffin" (9/9/98)

A: Diabetes affects individuals with quite different seriousness. A very common form is a slight diabetes starting late in life and usually easily controlled as you are describing with diet and excercise only. For a woman who wants to corset, diabetes in this form is not a problem. Circulation problems with or without diabetes means a quite different situation and particularly individuals with a high blood pressure should definitely refrain from tightly laced corsets. In advance of considering to resume waist-training, you must have a thorough health check and, particularly, a control of your blood pressure and a general evaluation of your blood circulation. If normal, a not too tightly and gradually laced corset will prove harmless and even contribute to weight control and well-being. On the contrary excessive and fast crush-lacing is, of course, not recommended even for a perfectly healthy woman.


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