Q: I've always been concerned with lower support with a view to preventing hernias. Will hernias occur as a result of tightlacing? Some years ago I had a hernia repaired on the RHS which was before I began tightlacing to elongate and support my lower back. I now have one on my LHS and wear a
support panty girdle over my corset to hold this until I have it repaired. On the Tightlacing Topics LISA forum (Topic 19), Dieter talked about his wife's uterine supports, I did add the same questions, BUT relating to males. I know females have hernias too, although nothing like the incidence in males. Maybe future corsets could incorporate some form of girth device. --Bob (8/16/00)

A: There are two potential issues with this combination: One is that part of the peritoneum, with or without a portion of the intestines, may become pinched in the muscle gap (hernia); then, when external pressure is applied, this can cause some painful tugging. A flexible girdle type garment is not a bad idea, as long as you have assured yourself that it "feels" ok. But I will have to caution you on this: The corset is a different matter, as it will increase the IAP and potentially worsen your problem, especially if it has a short apron (the section below the waist covering the abdomen). I really suggest you get these issues corrected, regardless of the corseting. 



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