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    Name:                            Nenedhel Absynthium
    Location:                        Coventry, England  
    Born:                              1st October 1990

    Height:                           5'4"

    Eyes:                              Grey

    Hair:                               Naturally golden blonde


    Uncorseted figure:      32"-23"-34"

    Corseted figure:          32"-16"-34"
    Goal:                               To close 14"


    Hobbies:                        Corsetry, Burlesque, modelling, sewing, DJing, clothes, dance


    Status:                           Taken 

    Dislikes:                         Close minded people, liars 


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Absynthium talks a bit about herself

I have always been in the alternative scene, namely 80's new romantic and goth, as my mother and sister brought me up and they were that at the time - I never strayed from it. I
received my  first corset at the age of 13; it was miles too big even though it was small, so I went about altering it to fit better. Now I make my own corsets and the hobby has stuck.


As to tightlacing, I got hooked on it properly at the age of 15, and just kept wanting to go smaller, I love how it looks and feels.


The smallest corset I have made to date is a Chinese brocade 14" underbust featured in the photos; would love to close this but sadly not managed it yet. I have
currently laced my 16" corsets closed. I will get there eventually. My favourite corset now is my Chinese brocade - it's comfortable and gives such a lovely shape.


As well as corsets, I am a burlesque performer under this name and a gothic/cyber/steampunk/fetish model ... published and loving every minute of it. My alias is, of course, Nenedhel Absynthium for burlesque and
Nenedhel for modelling. As to DJing, of which I primarily am a goth (batcave/deathrock/post-punk/darkwave), 80's, J-rock, Visual Kei, ebm, industrial, electro and techno DJ under the alias DJ Absynthium.


There will be a few more 14" corsets on the way shortly. Mostly I only wear corsets I have made myself; but on occasion
I will buy from Luthien of Waisted Creations Corsetry as they are stunning, good quality, sturdy and very comfortable.







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