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(See more of Annalai on Albert's Avenue)

     (below) Beguiling Annalai in two of her antique corsets, rather nicely presented (as usual)

(above left) Christmas 2008 (right) 2014

(above) Christmas 2009

(above) Christmas 2010


Lovely, tightly corseted Annalai, appears on Albert’s Avenue.


Her first album shows how she made progress with waist and figure training during the period 2001-2003.






Annalai has composed a blog for herself to tell people about her passion for
corsets, small waists, tightlacing and more. The link is: www.ladyannalai.com


Beguiling Annalai strolling about in her 50s dress - video


ANNALAI WRITES, about lacing bars:

"Herewith I would like to give my view on the 27 Dec 05 update page. Paul R. suggested that I could be asked to try a lacing bar and that is why I share my view on this.

My view on a lacing bar is that for me it would not work and mostly belongs in BDSM play. I have not really tried hanging on my arms and my feet, not, or just barely touching the floor, as it is described in many stories, and here are my reasons why this is not so good.
First, the most important thing when you lace a corset as tightly as I do is to allow some time to do it. I lace a little and stop to walk around and let the body and corset get to know each other again. After something like ten minutes, I again start lacing, working the laces up and down, not only pulling from the waist. During this time I also must adjust the corset so it sits perfectly at my waist: not a little too low or too high. That would be very uncomfortable, and only leads to less reduction of the waist. I just find it best when I can make sure myself that the corset is at the right position and there is no nerve to the leg pinched, for example. So, even if someone else laces my corset I am the one who makes sure it sits perfectly on my body to allow for the most reduction without any problem.
So the lacing itself takes some time, as it is done stepwise with adjustments of the corset liner and the lacing protector while making sure that the corset is absolutely at the right position on the body.  Also when the arms are stretched up during the whole lacing procedure, after they are lowered, some not so nice bulges of flesh will occur at the top of the corset, I am afraid. Wriggling and stretching your arms while the corset is laced is good, but not when your arms are stretched the whole time. I also think your body's muscles will affect the lacing. The best thing is to be relaxed during a lacing and not have your muscles fight, as I think they do if you are hanging on your arms.  When the corset is fully laced, the hands can be put on the corset at the hips, and while you push the corset down, you try to straighten yourself in the corset to get taller. This is a similar effect to the lacing bar, I guess, but better, I think.
Will Granger, husband of Ethel Granger, sometimes laced his wife  when she was down on her knees and hands or was flat on the bed. This is a rather good way to lace the corset very tight.  But he, as well, started out with lacing Ethel while she was standing, and later she was flat on the bed to be laced really tight when the corset already was at the right spot and laced firm.
So, sorry, although such stories about lacing bars, etc. are fun to read, I do not think the lacing bar works good enough in reality. A lot of stories, and certainly those with the lacing bar, belong in BDSM play and are not for daily waist training." 

Aarkey responds to Annalai's words above:

"Having played in the BDSM setting, and experienced being tightly laced into a corset while bound to a lacing bar, I can say without a doubt that it's ineffective as a real lacing technique.
It definitely allows for greater compression while holding the bar, however that's only because of the way that the body is extended.

When released from the bar it simply doesn't work at all, as the body assumes it's more natural shape and it simply isn't comfortable - with unattractive rolls at the top of the corset in my instance.

However, for short term fun and extreme compression, it works well, as long as you continue to hold (or be bound) to the lacing bar."

We all share Annalai's frustration:

"Found this article, and it is rather sad again to read the part of the text about 14 inch waists and rib removal as if
it was something common, together with a picture of Polaire, as well as the myth it was so difficult to put on a corset."

ANNABELLE COLLETT, TEXTILE ARTIST: 100 years ago, women's shape was different. I mean, they had much narrower shoulders, much narrower shi...uh,
waists, and slender hips. Um, but I think that type of woman probably didn't do much work physically. To wear these corsets you needed a chambermaid to help you
dress. So, it always defined the elite, because they could afford all these things. With their amazing corsetry they could shrink their waists down to 14 inches.
It was said that some women had their ribs removed so the waist could get even smaller.



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