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Apostle Sammm


What takes up her time:
     Organising and performing cabaret,
acting solo with a range of dancers, acting as
 front woman for the institution Kabarette Obscura

Height:            5'8"

Weight:            9, 3 (stones and pounds)

Corset size:      18"

Age:                  born 1985

Eyes:                 green

Hair:                 natural blonde                        

Locale:               London, England

Status:               In relationship

Occupation:        Art teacher and freelance make up

Dream:               For peace in the world


Sammm tightlaced throughout her teenage years, eating, living and sleeping - not many people at all could put up with sitting exams in PVC!
She began tightlacing more than five (2012) years ago.  As her waist now is shaped more than 10" smaller than it was before, she feels no need to reside constantly in her beautiful corsets any longer -
 but obviously when she frequents goth clubs, fetish nights and the like, she just can't help being herself!



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