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Name:                             Katja
Age:                               30 (2017)

Height:                           1,70 m

Weight:                          52 kg

Eyes:                              Blue

Complexion:                    Very Pale 

Measurements:                32-24-34 

Location:                        Germany

Status:                          Not looking

Occupation:                   Nurse

Aarachnoidea's history:

I came to the corset when I was about 19 years old. I was not happy with my body at all because I found it was too skinny and not shaped at all.  I got my first corset (As I remember it was a Vollers) in size 22”. 
I was pretty happy with it, even if I did not lace too much. So a lot more off-the-rack corsets followed. They did get me to a size smaller quickly; I easily could wear the 20”.

A while ago I got my first custom corset.  I was so happy about the fit and the comfort.  I could lace down one more inch without being too tight on the hip area.  
My collection is still very small, but I am sure there will be coming more with the time.

 I love the historic style corsets, made out of fancy materials.  But also I am interested in fetish materials like leather and PVC.  On one of my corsets all this got mixed together – and I am pretty happy with the result.

So far I have  corsets from Morgana Femme Couture, Velda Lauder, Creations i'Escarpolette and Frou Frou Design. The latter is a young designer from Germany,
and I might work out some more interesting-looking corsets with her. She is the one who made that pretty military style corset.






"Here is one of the most beautiful corsets I've ever seen; just try here
to see all of her photos. Stunning corset, stunning waist.

"Would be interesting to know if the skirt in reality is as narrow as in the drawing.
 Perhaps there will come more pictures in the future... :-)"


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