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Brit Blonde

Figure:  38:27:38 (uncorseted) 
         38:24:38 (corseted)

Age:               Old enough to have fun!

Height:           5 feet (5' 6" in my highest heels!)

Weight:          Some questions are just not polite!

Eyes:               Blue

Hair:               Strawberry blonde 
Location:         United Kingdom

Status:           Married

Occupation:    A day job and part time fetish model

Hobbies:        Fetish photography, dressing up, shoes, stockings and  the unusual

Dislikes:         Loud people, idiotic questions, people with faster cars
                       than mine


      My History:  Corsets, in my honest opinion, are probably the single most provocative feminine garment a woman can wear. I love to look feminine and provocative;  therefore, I love to wear corsets.  Started wearing
them a few years ago, mainly at first for fetish photo shoots.  Let's face it, a corset shapes a woman's body like no other thing can.  Worn with fully fashioned seamed stockings, some very high heeled spikes ....


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