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Age         Forties (as posed)

Height    6' 2" 
Location  New Jersey, USA 
Eyes     Hazel

Hair     Brown

Cheryl talks.......

"In developing my own femininity, I have always been drawn to the most feminine-looking women. And, as a product of the '50s and '60s, I
have taken my cues from what I consider the "classic femininity" of that era. And then I've stretched those ideals, further and further yet. 

So, the higher and thinner the spike heels, the heavier and longer the lashes, the larger and pointier the bustline, the fuller and fluffier (or, the shorter and tighter)
the petticoated skirt or dress, the more feminine. But nothing defines a woman as much as her figure, her overall proportions. And that figure is centered at the waist.

As much as I love the feel of being well corseted, I love the look of a corseted waist even more. I can't claim to corset seriously at all.
And my waist is not the 22" (corseted, outside measurement) it was a few years ago (don't ask how many). 

The other fabulous ladies of LISA put me to shame in their dedication to the corseted figure, but I share in the joys of the corset, both sensual and visual."



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