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Ebony Fetish Goddess

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Also, I'd have to acknowledge my fascination with fetishism and human
nature. Fetishism is a large part of y life because I'm entirely hedonistic, so I feel the cosmic  urge to give into my indulgences.  One of my favourite hobbies is body modification, which I express through my numerous piercings,
tattoos, and my love of corsetry and fetish... I view the body as a canvas or medium through which to express myself. My adoration of corsets just expresses my determination and dedication to the female form, which I find SO amazing.

Alternate Name:  Tara
Nick/professional Name:  I have several names that different people call me. My worshippers call Me Goddess Tara.
                                           But, I'm also known as the Ebony Fetish Goddess, as well as the Corsetted Ebony Domina and the Black Bettie Page.
Age:                             Born 10 March 1977
Location:                       Hollywood Hills, California USA
Weight:                            63 kg
Height:                             157 cm
Eye colour:                       Chestnut brown
Hair (colour/length):    Varies/varies
Skin colour:                      Chestnut brown
Measurements:            Corseted 34B-23.5-43
                                      Uncorseted 34B-28-43
Dress size:                    US 7/8
Shoe size:                      EU 41...UK 7... US 9.5
        Does being a Goddess count for occupation? lol...I'm also a university student & I have a real estate license.
Hobbies:            I thoroughly love reading and building My personal library, and I particularly enjoy collecting out of print or antique books.
                           Being half Cuban, music of all sorts and dancing are very important to Me. I tend to like Salsa, Mambo & other forms of Latin
                           dance/music,but I listen to pretty much anything. Art and all things artistic are very important to Me, and as a result I
                           spend a great deal of time in museums/galleries and the theatre.  I collect vintage champagne as well as some still wines and
                           yes, I am the proverbial wine snob. I also am very active in social, political, and  environmental activism causes.

IM: corsetted_ebony_domina on Yahoo & MSN


I am not a professional dominatrix and at this point I only train males on a purely lifestyle basis. I am an aspiring fetish model. I use the word "aspiring," even though I do have one professional shoot with Christine Kessler under My belt (thanks for the start Steen!!) I still have a lot of ground to gain before I can consider Myself a fetish model and I would love to focus on modeling corsets (of all materials), rubber, and vintage lingerie. I do have a personal photographer that I work with as well as having posed for amateur fetish photographers, local artists as a figure model, and student photographers for portfolios. I've also participated in several gallery exhibits and have been featured corseted on I have a  Guess Model gallery in their archive.

A little about myself:

I am a lifestyle fetishist. I have openly lived this lifestyle since I was sixteen years old and I am very comfortable with My position. I am primarily dominant with masochistic tendencies which I feel stem from My earlier training. BDSM and fetish  comprise one aspect of who I am. There are many parts that make up My character. I'm a student, an activist, a wine collector, an avid reader, a rubberist, an amateur astronomer, a ceramic artist, an aspiring fetish model, a corset enthusiast, a lover of languages, a hedonistic fetish lover, and probably many more things than the average person would ever be privy to. But the sum of those parts (and much more) comprises who I am.

My start in corsetry:

I have long had a fascination with corsets, girdles, gloves, stockings and heels. My grandmother was born in 1920 and had an impeccable sense of STYLE. She was one of the classiest ladies I've ever known. She taught Me first and foremost to always be a lady while NEVER losing your spirit. She had the most phenomenal wardrobe to play in  and many were items she had since she was younger than I am now. I remember rushing home from school so I could play dress up with Nana. I'd try on her old pairs of stockings, gloves, costume jewelry and girdles. I loved her girdles the most. I could see how they cinched My waist in and she would tell Me stories about how she vaguely
remembers some women still being corseted when she was younger. She used to always tell Me I had such a womanly figure. When I got older I discovered Bettie Page and her timeless beauty and her curvy shape. I wanted to be just like glamourous women of that time.

My interest in corsets:

My interest in corsets is on many levels. Obviously I enjoy the look of corsets or I wouldn't wear them. I enjoy the way they feel and how they compress and form My body into a womanly and feminine shape. It's not that I hate My uncorseted figure because I am blessed with a curvy waist anyway even if I'm uncorseted. However, when I put on a corset, its more than just the visual differences. Corseting changes My demeanour. Wearing My corset makes Me more demure and less boisterous -- more ladylike. I can't run and yell and be loud or unruly if I'm corseted. I am more reserved and quiet and just more lady-like. I love how a garment can instantly mature Me.

I first began to corset when I was 19 and  attended a Renaissance Faire. Someone there saw Me struggling with My laces and he offered to lace Me into My bodice. When he saw how much reduction I achieved, he asked had I ever considered wearing a corset. He started Me on My corset wearing journey and I haven't looked back since then. He also followed Me around Faire that day to keep ensuring that My stays were properly tightened and that I never got a moments relief from the tight bodice. It's such a secure feeling. I love how My ribs collapse when I'm laced tightly or how some people will come up to Me in public and ask if I've had any ribs removed. Nothing gives Me a charge more than men who come up to Me and ask if they can see how far their hands will go around My waist.

Its the natural compulsion of a man to put his hands around the tiny, corseted waist of a woman, and I LOVE it. With a proper tightlacing regimen, I would like to eventually end  with a corseted measurement of perhaps 21 or 20 inches. I will be closest to hourglass when My waist measures 21.5 inches and 43" for My hips.

BELOW IS MY UNCORSETED WAIST (More corsetted pictures below that!)


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