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Fantasy  ????????Three guesses???????

Dream  To live a long peaceful, fulfilling, meaningful life

Age 26 (2001)

Height 5 feet, 6 inches

Weight 115 pounds

Eyes Dark Green

Uncorseted Figure 36:23-24:36

Began corseting fairly recently

Location The Okanagan

Status: Mother of two

Occupation Model

Hobby  Love vintage clothing and ieccentric fashion

Dislikes  Bad hygiene and rude people, drugs



A few months back I found LISA and its chatroom while searching the Web for information about corsetry. I have long been interested in corsetry, and occasionally had the opportunity to try out off-the-rack corsets as my profession as a mainstream model. Recently,I became fascinated with 'real' corsetry and tightlacing, as I worked on more and more fetish modeling shoots.

These photographs were taken on the same day last week (March 2001) that I received my VERY FIRST real corset! I anxiously anticipated the arrival of this baby for over a month! Finally, I have my very own tight corset. I decided for my first, to see how it works for me, I would buy a good quality of-the-racker, so I chose an overbust Victorian (20") from Vollers. I am just now deciding on my first custom corset from C&S! I am going to focus on the true Victorian hourglass shape as my goal, as my measurements and wide ribcage seem to suit it best.

Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity or option to wear my corset 24/7 like some, but I am hoping to wear it at least at night, and when I can show it off as outerwear too!

I am currently using the 20" Vollers, mostly, thanks to the valuable advice I received from the lovers (sic) on the LISA site regarding comfort of stock corsets (I was going to order an 18"). Mine is fairly comfortable, except one pinch I cannot seem to get rid of in my right kidney.......ahh the price of beauty, LOL! I can actually wear it as an overbust or underbust since my torso is longer, dependent on how and where I lace it tightly.

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