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Hana from Sweden

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History:  One of my friends has a friend who is interested in corsets. She wanted to sell her  of-the-rack patent leather corset and I was fast to buy it!  Of course, the reduction it accomplished wasn't enough for me!  So, my lovely boyfriend supported me in my decision to buy a "real" corset, and I ordered a C&S model.  I'm saving money for a new one right now, but I don't know what I want yet. 

Birthday   23 September 1981

Height     5' 6" (170 cm) 

Figure       39-29-41 inches (natural) -- 100-73-103 cm
                 39-26-41 inches (corseted) -- 100-65-103 cm

Eye color  Green-Brown

Hair color Depends on my mood.. (but originally brown)

Scent        Oscar de la Renta, Jardin de Shangai, Trésor´, Salvador Dali, Opium

Status       Single

Location    Stockholm, Sweden.

Hobbies     Corseting, being  the centre of attention - I just love for people to see me.  I draw as well, when I have
                   the time. to express myself in any way I guess.. ?

Model -- Nocturnal Models Agency

   To be pleased with the way I'm living, to be able to have energy to do what I really cherish in life.

Hana talks.......

"I've no experience in modeling, but I sure like to! I wish that some fetish-model-agent would see me and ask me to model for them!
I just *Love* to stand in front of the camera, wish that I could step out from inside my body and take some pictures of myself!" 


"My lovely boyfriend draws Manga (which is a Japanese art-form) and we were doing a comic about me as "Agent Hana." So one day he wanted to take some pictures of me, all dressed up as "her." Of course I was positive to the idea! We ran down into the cellar and took some pictures and made a little gif-animation of it! It was lots of fun, especially when people in our building came down to do their laundry! 'smile'"



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