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Height:                   5'7''
Weight:                  140 (when I've been good)
                               160 (when I've been very, very bad)

Gender:                  Female, always
Corseted waist:
Age:                        28 (in 2006)
Hair:                        Naturally brown, currently blond
Eyes:                        Hazel
Locale:                     California
Status:                    Very married
Occupation:             Data Entry & all-around gopher/  Jewelry Designer
Modifications:          Currently: 3 piercings in each ear, left  eyebrow pierced, belly button pierced. 
                               Have had, in addition, up to eight holes in each ear (up through the cartilage)

Holle speaks:

I love corsets.  It's not the sensation of being cinched that gives me the thrill, rather, it's the sudden appearance that my tomboyish figure actually looks slightly feminine.  The green and black corset is my very
first of this type, and I'm hoping in the future I can have a few more.  Although this is my first Victorian corset, I've actually been wearing Elizabethan corsets for many years already, shortly after I turned 18. 

In my spare time, I enjoy writing (I have a very deep fascination of vampires), love to bead (I make my own jewelry, sell it,
and have often been commissioned for special pieces by - and for - special people) and need music to survive.

It takes all types, but I'm particularly fond of 80's, classical music (which I grew up with), current 'pop' and country.  I have two Himalayan cats I love very, very much. . .and of course my husband of four years!

Below: (left) Elizabethan noble corset & bodice
   (right) Elizabethan bodice ('fae' outfit)



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