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Jaci! (pronounced, "Jackie")


Age Thirties

Height  5' 5" 

Weight  138 pounds

Figure  36-25-38 inches (natural)
            36-20-38 inches (corseted) 

Fantasy   I would like to be rich and famous and date the "bad boy" rock star.
Dream  I would like to travel all over the world
               and see places like the pyramids of Egypt and Stone Henge.

Jaci talks.......

"I am attending the University of North Texas. I also have been learning Middle Eastern dance. I got my first corset when I was 16; I saw it in a magazine and begged my mother to get it for me. I got it. But it was not until a while later that I got my first real and good quality corset, and I will never buy an "off the rack" corset again.  Like Hanna, pinup #9, I love attention and would love to model corsets. I also love to go out dancing at the local "Goth" and/or "fetish" clubs in my area."




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