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Hobbies  My kids, Corsets, sewing, reading, SCA ( and, of course, my fellow Garb Ho's in Clan of Garb Keepe!!

Favorite Phrase  "De gustibus non est disputan" ("There's no accounting for taste")

Status  Single (want my number?<g>) w/ kids

Age  Twenty-eight (at posing)

Height  5' 6" 

Weight   BBW

Figure  44-41-52 inches (natural)
              41-36-49 inches (corseted) 

Hair Color  Chameleon

Eye Color  Brown

Years Corseting On and off since I was 14 (reenactments mostly)

Fantasy & Dream "To loose a lot of weight and corset full time and to find someone Dominant into corsets."

Location  Upstate New York

Our Kitten Writes to LISA:

My name is Jacqueline, but most of my Internet friends know me as "Wantstobecorseted." I do a little here and there on the Net with fetish
modeling - nothing heavy - and nothing that I get paid for right now. I keep hoping to find a guy as into corseting as I am, but there isn't a big interest in corsets here in Upstate NY.  I do get a lot of "wannabes" but, no one serious. So sadly, for the most part, my corseting gets put aside as I can't lace on my own, and I've tried most of the major tricks to do so. I do hope someday when I can afford it to buy a good cincher, or possibly make one, as I do make my own corsets occasionally. (The gold one I'm wearing above I made last year). I do have lots of interests and hobbies and am also currently trying to work up the motivation to loose some weight. 


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