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Jacqueline #2

~~~~ [email protected] ~~~~

Height         5 4 1/2

Corseted   36D/22/35



            past 40

         134 Pounds

Dream         To model, to act, sing and live forever.


Our Kitten Writes to LISA:

I started lacing on and off for the past few years with an off-the-rack corset. Last December when my weight and waist had gotten out of control, I was seriously considering liposuction to reduce my waist. When I heard that after the operation I had to wear a girdle for 6-8 weeks, I thought I might as well first try reducing with the aid of a corset. That's when I ordered my first custom-made corset.

At the time my waist was uncorseted 32 inches. I started with a 26 inch corset. All I wanted was to hide my belly and help in reducing my weight. Then I discovered how much more feminine my figure looked in a corset and I got serious wearing it every day. I tried wearing it at night, but I find it too uncomfortable. I just could not sleep at all. Today I'm thrilled that I lost a total of 18 pounds and reduced my waist to 22 inches. I love the compliments, but on the other hand, I don't like the idea that people know that I'm wearing a corset. So I think 22 inches is just perfect and reducing more would give me a unnatural appearance.

I work as a sculptress and jewelry designer. My sculptures are mostly female bronze figures with tiny waists, big bosoms and wide buttocks.


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