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Singer Jane Wiedlin

Name Jane Wiedlin

Age  forty something

Height   5' 1"

Figure  35" 24" 35" (corseted)

Status  single

Hair color black

Eye color  brown

Occupation   musician/songwriter

Dream  "To reduce my waist measurement to 20" corseted!!"



Jane writes to LISA:

Hi! I'm Jane Wiedlin, founding member of the all-female rock band The Go-Go's, and tightlacing fan. I love the LISA site, and after discovering it a while back, I am hooked! I've been part of the fetish scene since 1996, and love dressing up, but didn't start corset-training till last year. I love wearing corsets for appearances with my band, and as a solo artist. I love the way corsets make me feel and look. I have music CD out called "Kissproof World" that has a lot of cool pictures of me and great tunes too!  I hope you enjoy these pervy, curvy pictures of me!

Yours in tightlacing, Jane

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