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Location: Galicia, Spain
21 Dec 86

48 Kg.
  1.62 Meters
Hair color:
Natural blonde, black dyed
Dress size:  6 (European 34-36)
Shoe size
: S or XS (European 8)
Eye Color:
Hazel-honey, but sometimes I use grey contact lenses
Skin tone:

Natural figure: 83-58-88 (32.5"- 23"- 34.5")
Figure with corset:
  84-50-88 (33"-19.5"-34.5")

Occupation:   Fashion designer student, personal sewer, model, and beginner singer


About me:

I started to model when I was asked by a friend.  I was ever interested, but I was not as tall as needed, so it was impossible for me until my photographer asked me for a shooting. 
Since then, we have worked together continuously for more than a year. I love vampyric and gothic style, fetish and lingerie shootings and, of course, corset pictures.
I do not make corsets a way of life, due to the fact that it's hard to have a normal life with your body so compressed, but going to parties and
staying in front of a camera with a 20-inch waist is the sexiest thing for me; corsets give glamour and style.  Right now. I'm studying how to make
classic corsets so I can, in the near future, become a great corset designer.


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