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Height:            5'6"

Weight:            125 lbs

Figure:              36C-26-34 uncorseted

Age:                  late 30s (at posing)

Locale:              Canada

Interests:       collecting antique lingerie and
                         interesting books plus cooking

Occupation:      freelance web designer, writer,
                         and editor

History:            five years plus corseting        

Jennifer talks:

I don't tight lace as regularly as I like. I have a 26" to 28" waist which I can comfortably lace down to 22". For short periods, I can lace all the way down to 20" and if I was training that would be my goal.

I love the way a corset encases me. Hard and soft. What's great fun is to be corseted under a pair of jeans and a shirt or a skirt and blouse with a belt...people can't help but subconsciously notice that my
waist is four inches narrower than they expect, and my hips three inches sprung; but most have no idea how.

I love frothy petticoats and would wear them daily if I could. And they are such an appealing contrast to the formal rigidity of a corset.





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