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Classic Mistress Jessica!

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Interests: Two of my strongest (and current) interests are in BDSM and photography. I'm involved in my local community and it's great to meet with other like-minded people. 



Name:                Mistress Jessica
Birthday:             February 24th
Age:                    30 (at posing)

Height:                5'6'

Weight:               130-134 pounds

Measurements:  36B-26-37 and corseted 36-24-37
Status:                 Happily Married
Location:               Minnesota
Photography is a fairly new interest, only about a year now. I enjoy having my husband
 take photos of me for my website and he likes it too so it's a win-win situation. ;)

Jessica speaks --

I have loved corsets since forever!  I remember as a kid I would love it when there would be a saloon scene in a western just so I could check out the corsets!
 I thought they were so beautiful, the way they exaggerated the female form.

I got my first couple of corsets in my early 20's from Vollers. I remember the excitement I felt when the package came!!  I couldn't wait to try them on and cinch them in. I kept
 thinking  "this is the REAL thing!!" It's such a wonderful feeling to be laced in, to feel your waist compressed, the sway in your hips when you walk and how you have to breathe differently.

I've since sold the Vollers corsets and have purchased my first custom-made one.  I have learned that custom made is the way to go!!  I've never had a corset feel so comfortable on!

 Aside from corsets, my first love would have to be high heels. And I definitely feel that a corset should be worn with heels!  ;)




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