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Sweet Kali

(Did we see her in our dreams of yesteryear,
 strolling about a Georgian courtyard, with her parasol over her shoulder?)

Name            Kali

Height           5 feet, 9 inches

Age               Over 30

Weight        Wahah.  You don't want to know ;o)

Status         Married


Occupation    New  Media  Production/Web Design

Measurements   (in these photos)
                          38-28-43 uncorseted,
                          38-25-44 corseted

Photographer    Lani Teshima


Kali Speaks:

I became interested in corsetry via historic costuming, which I discovered in turn through English country dance and Victorian ballroom dance.  As I have a very 'retro' hourglass shape,
the discovery was quite felicitous - finally, a look I could really pull off in a spectacular way!

I love a wide variety of corseted looks - a beauti*ful corset can be both a foundation garment for a pretty bustle gown, or it can stand alone in silk brocade over a black lace top and frilly skirt.  Even more than
looks, though, corsets create for me a sense of physical well being.  Corsets protect and shape in ways that are beautiful, yes...but also in ways that make the wearer feel comfortable, well-aligned, and supported!




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