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KathTea Monroe

[email protected]




 Born:                                    1 January (?)


 Height:                                 5'2"


 Weight                                 117-123 lbs


 Current corseted figure:      32-23-36

 Smallest corseted figure:     32-19-38       Goal:     16-18"


 Hobbies:                               Photography, fashion design
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  • Facebook 5000+ followers
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  • Tumblr SFW


    April, 2017:

    "I posted on my Instagram and Tumblr this edit of my body.
    While I do not plan on any permanent surgery for my chest and bottom due to risks,
     I still look forward to corset training toward my goal of 18"."



    "​This was one of my smallest corsets by Orchid Corsetry many years back.

    "I'm still hoping to get back down to that size.  If anyone's interested in helping,
     they can get in touch with me on Twitter, Tumblr, or become a Patron."


    In 2017, Kathtea made a lacing video -
    check her site (above).


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