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Lady Jane!

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Age                                   36 (at pose)

Weight                              65 kgs

Height                              175 cm

Measurements                 103-62-98 cm
Corsetted                         45 cm

Eyes                                 bright blue

Hair                                   now very different, after 6 years
                                          of black/red

Location                            Germany


Lady Jane speaks --

For about 12 years I have wear my corset and am addicted to it. I like to wear it in any situation and that depends on how I feel, sometimes romantic, sometimes dominant,
while  riding bike, while climbing. I simply enjoy to show my shape and love to notice the reactions of the people…

Jűrgen sent a Lady Jane videoclip which played on German TV channel VOX on 4 Nov 04

A video clip, courtesy of 'Lacing Tom': an interesting and intimate lacing scene from a recent  Wa(h)re Liebe broadcast showing Lady Jane in a very nice leather corset and transparent latex gloves and tights.

Video:  The lacing of Lady Jane (in German)                    Extended version - The lacing of Lady Jane (in German)


[Clicking above links will play the video -- right-clicking and "save target" will save the video on your hard drive]


(below) Lady Jane's C&S Constructions corset dress:


(below) Lady Jane shares her Spanish vacation pictures with LISA, showing off her C&S Tightlacing Ribbon
style corset. How we would all like to run into this lady at the beach!



...frolicking in the garden in her red C&S Constructions underbust hourglass corset!:

...preening in her overbust C&S Corset - more on her exciting site:!


       (below) Corset Goddess laces herself into magnificent tight-waisted-ness whilst on the farm (45 cm, slightly less than 18")!  This is her working uniform!  Milks cows, etc... <g>


Below she is dressed for a 'farm function' <g>

(below) Corset Goddess (Lady Jane) as 'Naughty Secretary'   




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