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The vamping gal! (Ou la la!)


Full name Elizabeth Frances Higgins

Age Around 50, but pass for 35 (at posing)

Height 5ft, 9 inches

Figure 40:23:40 inches (over the corset!) with a 1.5 inch pipestem waist.

History Dieted from 44" to 34" before corseting down, gradually, to present 21" (add 2" for corset bulk)

Eyes Brown

Location Woking, England (35 miles southwest of London)

Occupation Electronics Engineer (a very small minority of women in the field) and part time model.

Hobbies Historic costume (female) between 1750 and 1910, ham radio, nightclubbing and having a good time.

Status Single (divorced in 1982 and still looking for the right person!)

Dislikes "Poorly cooked food, bad wine, ill- mannered people."

Fantasy "To live the life of a late Victorian age lady (1885)."

Dream "To win the national lottery!!! <sigh> and to get an 18 inch waist."


(above) A good color for The Duchess! 

 (above) In all her ballroom glory!

Lissa writes to LISA:

I see you have a question on your web site as to how a guy can interest his wife in corseting. Although I am not married and don't need any persuading, I can give pointers as to why I got interested and finally took the plunge.

A few years years ago, I weighed 260 lbs and looked like a potato. A friend who was visiting had been listening to my moans about not being able to find a partner, and finally broke in with "How do you expect to attract someone looking like that?" It made me mad but later when I had time to reflect I had to admit the comment was true.

I went on a diet, nothing special,just counting the calories and
over the next two years I dropped down to my current 77 kilo (170 lbs).

I was talking to that same friend and we discussed what would attract a partner, and one of the things was a shapely body. The curvier the better, was the conclusion we reached, and it was pointed out that men love women in corsets, as evidenced continually in the male pin up magazines. We talked about corset-wearing and the effects on the physique (upright posture, control of appetite etc) and I eventually decided to try it.

Very soon I was hooked. I love the feeling of being in control of my figure. The upright proud posture I have, the curvaceous figure and most important the effects it has on the men around me. Now many years later, I no longer lack for attention, but instead I have a different kind of problem. How to say NO!

(above) The historical gal!

(above) Elizabeth, Duchess of Woking (as proclaimed by "Queen Victoria" in 2000)

(above) The working gal!

(above) All revealed!

(above) More of the 1997 BAL des GRACIEUSES

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