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'As of 2010, I a m 19 years old - my birthday is May 31, 1990.  I'm 5'2" tall and currently about 107lbs, but have recently lost 60lbs and am still hoping to lose more. I have green eyes. long black hair; as for my skin, my makeup says I'm classic ivory.  My measurements naturally are 36DD-25.5-34, corseted 36DD-21.5-34. 

I am happily married to the only man I have ever met who understands my obsession and is willing to front the bill. :)  I knew he was the one when he uttered the phrase, "Leave the corset on." We currently live in Florida.'

Words from Margot: 


To start with my name is Margot LaCroix - I love and religiously check the update page everyday. I've been thinking about sending some pictures for a while but finally decided to;
I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and why corsets are so important to me.

Why I love corsets

Blame it all on my grandmother.  When I was about five or six years old she took care of me a lot - we looked at old pictures, watched movies; the women were so beautiful - they had curves you never see in real life. I
told my grandmother how much I admired them and she took me to her room and pulled out several boxes. hats and fur coats (I own them now), dresses and all of the things from her youth.  Then, a photo album: there she
was, maybe not as beautiful as the women from the movies, but she dressed like them and more importantly, she had a 20 inch waist (desperately looking for this picture). I asked her, "Why don't you look like this now? 
Why don't any women look like this?"


 She just said, "Well honey they're wearing corsets".  I said the word: Corsets. This was the answer.  I wanted to be Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, even Bettie, who was in some old magazines my grandma had.  I wanted
to be a princess like I thought they were.  I wanted it so much.  BUT, I was cursed with what I call a sausage body: flat chest, no curves, chubby, with horrible mousey brown hair.  I was, however, gifted with great legs. Well, once my amazing grandmother told me the magic secret I knew all hope was not lost. I lost weight, I bought breasts, and I spend all day and night (aside from my shower and morning runs) in my magic corsets. This of course
 is a very silly story.

The pictures are all just silly things taken by me, my husband, or a friend. I have a really great red silk underbust, but it needs new laces and will
have pictures of it soon. The one in the red t-shirt is me getting ready for bed, a t-shirt, yoga pants, and a corset of course.






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