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     Nationality: British/Chilean

    Natural Hair: Golden brown

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 5’3”

    Dress size: 6-8 (UK)

    Bust: 34.5”

    Waist: 24”

    Hips: 35”

    Tattoos: 3

     Piercings: 4 (ears)

     Smallest reduction with a corset: Just under 18”

Painting Pantera’s Picture: 


A petite and fiercely passionate veteran tightlacer (having trained my waist for four years) exhibiting an ideal hourglass figure and a flavour of historical dress.

I’m currently in hot pursuit of the wasp-waist with a 17” and effort (my smallest reduction to date) and am forever educating the female population of this world
 as to what real corsets are, and how to wear them.

I collect a wide range of steel boned over/underbusts to accommodate my experimental nature, but ultimately my fancy vests in the styles of goth, medieval and steampunk.

I hope to soon undertake the more challenging project of making my own custom corsets in the near future.  





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