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Age: 39 (at posing)

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 190 lbs

Figure corseted: 43:31:42

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Pale Brown

Location: Buckinghamshire, UK

Occupation: Computer Consultant

Hobbies: Golf, Travel, Hiking, Music, Theatre, Corsetry

Engaged to Mistress Unique

Ambition: Getting a waist of 26-28 - I'll need to lose some weight to get there  




[left] Black Heavy duty rubber corset dress made for Sarah by Jeroen van der Klis of Bizarre Design.  She has a neck corset as well, but no decent photos of her wearing that just yet. 
She hopes to get some better photos in due course, showing the waist rather better and with a more suitable background (this was taken at the BondCon convention in Munich).
[right] Also of a rubber corset, this time from Fantastic Rubber and worn over a black cat suit.

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