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Height: 5'9"


Eyes: Blue-gray, with hints of green


Age: 30s (at posing)


Waist measurement: 22" (measured around the outside of my corset)


Home: Port Townsend, WA USA (a few hours northwest of Seattle)


Favorite era: Victorian


Favorite model: Camille Clifford





Sarah talks a bit about herself

I'm a writer.  I've written several alternate-history novels, a collection of short stories, and one children's book.
  I've also written a true, non-fiction book about my own experiences with corseting 24/7.  I bind my own books by hand, and they can be seen on my website

Besides being a writer, I'm also a licensed massage practitioner - I've worked out a whole massage routine specifically targeting the needs of corseted physiques! 
 (Of course, I do work on the non-corseted as well.)
  Contact me if your are interested or if you want to talk about corsetry.





Sarah Alma has written an interesting book!

"Victorian Secrets: What A Corset Taught Me About the Past, the Present, and Myself"


Here are some blurbs about the book:

"In a personal account of the social and historical evolution of the corset, Sarah Chrisman provides a distinct and revisionist analysis of Victorian attire. This book encourages us to put aside our
 assumptions of the oppressive nature of fashion. Chrisman thoughtfully focuses on the ways women of many classes within society sought to create impressions, still critical in today's political economy.”
Christine Ingebritsen, professor, the University of Washington)

“Reading this book reminded me of just how much what we wear shapes us—both figuratively and literally.  Chrisman’s experience pushed me to be not only confident in what I choose to wear,
but knowledgeable as to why and how I am choosing to wear it.” (
WORN Fashion Journal [Toronto])

“Sarah Chrisman shares what it’s like to live a Victorian life in today’s modern world. In an attempt to further understand the nineteenth-century lifestyle and truly connect with the past, she
began wearing a corset on a daily basis—and now rarely takes it off! A stately lady with the twenty-two-inch waist, she uses her experiences to teach others about the past, the present, and the future.
You won’t regret—or forget—reading this book.” (
Hilda Meryhew, treasurer and historian, Neely Mansion Association)

“Wherever Sarah Chrisman goes, she turns heads. Now, you can turn pages to find out why that is. What has been viewed as restrictive has freed her to live a life of her choosing—that elusive
thing we all seek. In her fascinating book, whether you agree with her or not, Sarah captures the essence of living a truly authentic life.” (
Terry Murphy, Seattle TV Producer/Writer)

“While it seems these days everyone is trying some sort of personal challenge or experiment to blog about it, Chrisman's experience is much more genuine. She didn't challenge herself to 'a year of corset wearing'
 to  advance her fame and fortune. Her memoir of her transformation into a twenty-first-century Victorian lady is candid, funny, and offers new perspectives on the assumptions and biases of our own era and astute
observations on timeless human tendencies.” (
Debra Alderman, The Woman’s Century Club)

Also, this book was mentioned briefly in a recent New York Times article


(The mention is in the second portion of the article, "Celebrating a Tight Fit.")


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