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Slave Ponette

   37-25-35, and corseted 36-22-37
 Location: France

Master Ponette writes:

"Slave Ponette works as a personal trainer, which means that she wears spandex and Lycra everyday for her job.  I met her at a friend's birthday and she was wearing a waist cincher really tight -- I could not take my eyes off of  her. We kept in touch after this party for several months, before moving to a common house to live together and sharing more intimate feelings about the male and female relationship."

Slave Ponette writes:

"Being covered in Lycra and wearing a corset is like wearing an armor and i am more than happy that my Master requests that i stay fully covered and corseted when at home. I never wore a maid dress nor petticoat before he asked me, as i was not into frilly things at all. Now it's my Sunday costume and i do my best to please my Master in the most feminine way i can (if i am a good girl i should get a red maid dress for Christmas....) We work slowly on reducing my waist a little more (20 inches would be nice enough!) For the rest of what i wear in these pictures, it's part of my training and i will be more than happy to answer your questions about that through email:

[email protected]



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