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Hobbies  Sex, bikes and sex on bikes

Likes       Interesting, intelligent people; chocolate

Dislikes    Bigots and closed minded people; marrow  

Ambition   Give up the dull day job       

Fantasy               Too many to mention

Aim                            18" measured over the corset

Scene Name      Snowball
                     United Kingdom

Height                   5' 11"
                       30 something (at posing)

Weight                   164 lb

Hair              Brunette
                    24/7 submissive to a Mistress and
                               very happy, thank you.

Occupation             Semi professional Domme, BDSM
                               actress, BDSM model, dull day job

    37;29;37  (original)
37;20;38 (corsetted)

Orientation       Bi
History                     Started corseting 1999. Got stuck at
                              23". Found C&S in 2002. Now training
                              down again, this time to a 1 1/2 inch
                              stem waist.




Snowball Speaks:

I came late to corsets and kink. My early years were dull and physically I was very innocent, only having had one partner by the time I reached 30.
All that changed when I walked out on my ex (for reasons of self preservation) and got a life!!!

In my early teens, I’d experimented wearing very tight belts to emphasise my figure, and loved the effect it had on me. Unfortunately, I had no idea of
where to get a corset at that age and even if I had, I’d never had got away with it at school. Pity, imagine how small I could have been if I’d started back then!

After a brief same sex affair (I figured it was safer), I met the most wonderful woman in the world and we fell for one another. She was already into the BDSM scene and she introduced
 me to a world about which I’d previously only dreamed. I immediately admitted my dream of corset training and with her encouragement, I started shortly after we moved in together.

I started with off the peg corsets (Vollers) but soon found they weren’t suitable for all day wear. I made my own for a couple of years, using Amazon patterns, but again reached the limit of my skills and
 simply couldn’t get below 22” all day. At last, I found C&S Constructions (from a link on the LISA Site) and went to see them. They provided me with a lovely range of corsets, so that I have now reduced
to a 19” 1” stem waisted corset. I haven’t got it closed yet, but hope to within the next few months.

I can’t imagine life without corsets now and find every opportunity to show it off in public, usually at gothic or fetish events. I wear corsetry 23/7 and intend to for many years to come.




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