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Height: 154 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Measurements: 90cm/75cm/88cm
                          approx, 35.5"-29.5"-34.5"

Waist corseted : 60cm (23.5")

Age: 20 (at posing)

Hair: brown

Eyes : green

Locale: France

Occupation: student in culture and media

Somatine  speaks:

Hi, I am Somatine - I have worn corsets since I was 19. It could be probably too early to talk about the passion of corsets, but I just can't live without it.
I love the way this fabulous object make me woman, like no man can...

I like being tightly laced, I reduce 15 centimeters (6") of my natural waist by wearing corsets and I want to reduce more with time. I'm not a thin woman, and I think it's a good thing,
 because the transformation is more spectacular and I deeply wish that it's the only reason to wear corsets, become a dream, something out of reality... become a superwoman.

I wish I could some day find my place in a fetish world that is becoming more and more trash, and use this adorable piece of lingerie to replace a bit of glamour and mystery like many great women do.

The corset is to me the perfect future, as it used to hold women in the past, it is now liberating a new generation of strong and powerful pinups.



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