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Sylphide with 17" satin corset Nickname "Sylphide" 

Height 5 feet, 5 inches

Weight 106 pounds

Corseted Figure 34:17:35 (outside corset!)

History Began corset training 1993

Hobbies Corsetry and music

Dislikes "Egoism, diets, and hurry."

Fantasy "That everyone accepts corsets as a normal part of underwear."

Dream "That there is no hate between people and peoples."


Who am I?

My name is Sylphide and I'm a very normal young woman. One of my preferences is maybe somewhat extraordinary: I wear corsets. At present, I prefer not to reveal my identity because of some negative experiences in the past. I chose the pseudonym Sylphide. It designates a delicate female nature spirit once believed to inhabit the air - in analogy to the delicately laced female figure formed by the corset. And there was once a corset brand name La Sylphide.

Sylphide with 19" satin corset

What are my aims?

I would like to create a corset image which makes it possible to wear corsets as a common piece of clothing. It should be normal to wear a corset. The corset image should be quite similar to the bra image. I think that I as a corset-wearer can contribute to reach this aim by looking a bit girlish and 'innocent' and by signaling that I'm laced because a small waist is beautiful and dainty. In my opinion this strategy is the best, because it allows other ladies to lace without to be connected with prostitution. For a woman who wants to become a corsetee it is much easier to identify with someone who looks like the girl from next door than with someone who looks like a vamp or a prostitute.

Sylphide with 18" brocade corset

What I don't want!

I don't want to establish a new world record for the smallest waist. A well fitting corset should be very tight, but the amount of waist reduction should not be so high that the proportions would be infringed. This is, of course, a matter of taste, but I think there are some general aesthetic principles which should be adhered to.

Sylphide laced to 17" with satin corset

Why I wear corsets

I started at the age of 23. My boyfriend had noticed that I had a naturally small waist. He liked that and often dreamed how it was if it was even smaller. I also liked the idea. So we tried out how to make the waist smaller aesthetically. We took girdles of different materials. I'll tell you about one example: My boyfriend made one of leather with eyes and laces. We put that on under the clothes, i.e. under a wide skirt and blouse with a stretch belt under it. So the waist was extraordinarily small. But this method had a decisive disadvantage: The organs were pressed out under the leather belt so that it was ugly looked at from the side. Sometimes when the leather belt was all closed (49 cm) you could almost put a cup on my belly! I didn't like that! Nor did my boy-friend! So we had to solve the problem in another way.

One day my boyfriend asked me if I would be willing to try on a corset. The idea was new to me, but I agreed to do so. He was glad and said that he would get one for me to try. It took him several weeks to find out a contact address where he could get corsetiere addresses from. But at last he had made a contact and we ordered a corset from Voller's. It was supposed to have a waistline of 18 inches, but the one I received had many more inches. I must say that I could close it at once and that in didn't restrict me at all. We were all disappointed. Later we altered the waistline and some other features of the corset, so that it fitted much better and made the waist smaller. From that we learned a lot about how to order a corset. We concluded that it is much better to order a made-to-measure corset. And we picked out many features that are especially important and that have to be mentioned when ordering a corset. Of course we also told the corsetiere some things that are absolutely to be avoided when making a corset. Well, that is how I started corseting.

Sylphide laced to 17" with satin corset and elastic belt

In the first two years I  gradually reduced my waist from initially (naturally) 25 inches to 19 inches now (17" at special occasions). My natural waistline (without a corset) has decreased to 23.5 inches. In the beginning I wore the corset only for some hours each day. I could not bear it for a longer time. By the time, I got accustomed to wearing the corset for longer intervals and after some months I could wear it from morning till evening.

I didn't like to put on the corset in the morning because after lacing it tight I had an unpleasant feeling for some time. After ten or twenty minutes, this feeling went away and everything was fine. But often I didn't want to get up in the morning because of the lacing and the resulting unpleasant feeling. Therefore I started wearing the corset day and night. In the first nights I had to loosen the corset several times, but after some nights, I could sleep relatively undisturbed. And in the morning, there was no problem anymore! Because my waist was not allowed to enlarge during the night, I had no problem in lacing the corset tighter an inch or two. This was necessary, because I had loosened the corset a bit before going to sleep. Now I am accustomed to continuously wearing the corset day and night and I only put it off to take a shower. It is not even necessary to loosen the corset before going to sleep and I have no problems with it, I sleep well. I guess that it has become a habit with me.


Sylphide with waist of 44 cm in satin corset


An interesting string:



Malcolm L.:
"I am writing this in response to LISA's post on 14 May 2021 regarding 'We wonder how Sylphide is doing these days?'
I have found this website which seems to be created and updated very recently about 'Sylphide.'
The only thing is I am not sure if this is indeed Sylphide herself or somebody stole her identity to make this.
Anyway I think it's nice to share it on Staylace."



Yesterday's comments by Malcolm L. has inspired some response,  but Florian's best sums them up:
"I would rather think this is indeed Sylphide who chose to update her site, as the text is almost completely taken from her old site (German readers can refer to the German
version which is not updated yet as reference).
"The pictures she posted there are the old ones (quite sadly, nothing new though!), but a lot of them are of much higher resolution than they were before, and the red copyright notice that was visible on the old pictures in prominent places is not where it used to be. 
"Since she - as far as I know - did not post any of her pictures somewhere else and simply scaling the old pictures up would not show the details some of the new ones show,
 I believe that she did indeed do the update and uploaded whatever quality her old original files from twenty years ago allowed her. It is nice to see such a life sign of her though."





We have received an email from Sylphide, clarifying the situation:

Dear corset enthusiasts,

I am still alive and well :-). In fact, I still wear corsets. However, I don't always lace them as tightly as I did some time ago. In the  meantime, I also got a number of new corsets. I'm preparing pictures with them right now, which I will show on the website as well. Why did I not let you hear from me for such a long time, you might ask: I had a lot of work
 to do, there were major changes in my private life and I didn't have a good opportunity to take good pictures. This will be better from now on!

I started to adapt my websites to more modern standards, e.g. for mobile devices and also to optimize the search terms. This is still a work in progress. Next will be the German version of,  then the website. I have already modified the website so that it can be displayed better on mobile devices.

I will keep you posted if there is anything new and thank you for the support over the many years. Please update my pictures in your pinup gallery to the new, higher
resolution photos. Thanks a lot!

Many greetings, Your Sylphide


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