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Swedish Pinup Model & Burlesque Performer
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Name:       Tea (Yes, for real)

Born:         January 1990

Height:      165 cm

Bust:         32 D

Waist:       24" uncorseted, 20" corseted

Hips:         35"

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Words from Tea: 


I have had a love affair with corsetry for as long as I can remember. I bought my first corset at the age of sixteen, a black Revanche de la femme m. 410 in a size 20". It was everything I had wanted and more and I have been hooked ever since. By now I own over 20 corsets, both made to measure pieces and off the rack models. 

I love historical fashion in general and corsets above all. I still haven't worn a corset that has a smaller waist than 20", which I can close fully without any real discomfort, so in the near future I am aiming to get my hands on a smaller, made to measure corset to test my limitations.

I am fortunate enough to work with corsets in a few different ways. For one thing I work as a lingerie/corset model, as well as a burlesque performer and this has given me the chance to work with wonderful corsetieres such as Morgana Femme Couture, among others. I'm also a latex model, but that's a different story...

When I don't model or shimmy on stage with my burlesque troupe, The Diamond Garter Girls, I work at a wonderful corset shop in Stockholm called Viola Lahger. I love helping customers find the right fit, as well as helping them realize just how deeply you can fall in love with an article of clothing.

If you ever find yourself in Sweden you should come by and visit! Send an email ahead and I'll be sure to have tea and cupcakes ready.












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